Imagine a pair of bright, shiny, colourful, wellies. Brand new, fresh from the shop, not a speck on them…
They’re amazing… so you pop them on, all excited and start using them, and as you do they get a bit of dust on, a bit of dirt and they start to lose their shine a bit. They start to lose their sparkle… but you keep using them and they start to get a bit of mud on. The more you use them the muddier and muddier they get until one day you realise you can’t even see the colour of the Wellies any more 😏  So you take them outside and wash them down, clean them all up until you see your shiny, bright, colourful, wellies again.
I think we come into this world just like those Wellies. I think we come in as bright, shiny, colourful, amazing beings, and as we go through life we pick up some dirt and dust and we start to lose our shine and we start to lose our sparkle… and we pick up some mud. Mud that sticks, and covers up our bright, shiny, colourful selves until we can’t even see what colour we are anymore.
The worst bit, I think, is that so many of us start to believe that we are that mud. We forget the bright, shiny, colourful wellies underneath are there, some times, we even think they’re lost all together.
But they’re not lost, they’re still very much there… and we are not the mud. We are the Wellies underneath. The bright, shiny, colourful glorious wellies, and we can wash that mud off. There are a million different ways to do that, so many practices out there to help you do it if you want to, Hypnotherapy, Tapping and Movement Therapy are just my specialities….
For today, I just want you to know, that you are definitely, absolutely not the mud…you are the Wellies underneath that mud.
You are the bright, colourful, shiny, glorious, pure, positive energy that exists underneath whatever mud you’ve picked up as you’ve made your way through life. That is who you truly are, and that is not lost