Personalised sessions working directly with your subconscious to help you remove the beliefs that are not serving you so you can uncover your Neon Life!

As an advanced dynamic hypnotherapist, personal trainer and life coach, for almost a decade I have helped my clients harness the power of their bodies and their subconscious minds for greater health, wealth, happiness and freedom.

Your subconscious mind is all powerful. It is at the heart of everything that you do and everything you don’t do. Everything you have and everything you don’t have. The greatest tool we have for influencing your subconscious mind is hypnotherapy.

Now your mind only ever wants the best for you. It’s there to keep you safe and happy and loved.  But sometimes your subconscious mind picks up beliefs that aren’t serving you such as, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not smart enough’, ‘everything has to be perfect.

These kinds of beliefs manifest in anxiety, depression and phobias, bad habits and self-destructive behaviours. As your mind feeds your body, it can also manifest in physical aches, pains and illnesses.

Over the course of our sessions, I will help you understand how your mind works and why solely relying on your conscious mind to make the changes you want doesn’t always work. I then tailor the pace and approach of hypnotherapy to meet your individual needs.  

Hypnotherapy can help with...
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How many sessions do I need?

If you are looking for smoking cessation or weight management I recommend 4 sessions as a guide.  Most other issues take somewhere between 4-6 sessions, however every client is unique, and I can not know how long the process will be, you are a human not a robot.  

I have many advanced techniques in my toolkit and again can’t tell you which will be used as I will take the approach that will work best for you unless you have a desire to experience a specific technique

What to expect

A first session where I teach you about how the mind works, and help you understand how you can work with it to move forward. You will then be taken through a hypnosis session and experience a suggestion therapy specific to your needs.

Further sessions utilising the most applicable advanced techniques needed for you to move forward

Avanced Techniques Available

  • Parts Therapy
  • Inner Child work
  • Timeline therapy
  • Hypno healing
  • NLP techniques
  • Regression
  • Past Life Regression
  • Quantum Jumping
  • Suggestion therapy
  • Visualisation therapy

I specialise in Dynamic Hypnotherapy including:

  • Inner child work
  • Timeline Therapy
  • NLP techniques
  • Hypno-Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Quantum Jumping and more

I also utilise the Power of Suggestion and visualisation work.

I can provide online sessions to clients anywhere via zoom which is very popular as you can have hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home. For those local to the Wirral, I can also offer in-person sessions in my comfortable purpose built facility.

If you’re ready and motivated to make a positive change in your life then I would love to talk through how I can help you, so feel free to get in touch.

Hypnotherapy can help all areas of life including:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • depression
  • confidence
  • emotional overwhelm
  • overthinking
  • worry
  • panic attacks
  • low self-esteem
  • anxiety related disorders
  • phobias, fears and habits
  • pain management and healing
  • hypno-birthing
  • sports, exams and work performance
  • smoking cessation
  • weight management
Testimonial - letting go

“Leanne really helped me with several issues that were holding me back. Although I’d tried to process them and work them out nothing had helped. It really is a great tool for change! I also had a particularly stubborn trauma bond that we worked on, and I can genuinely say the changes that specific session alone have brought about have been life changing” – Alexandra

“As a busy mum and self employed photographer I was burnt out and couldn’t see a way out. Leanne helped me see I was in a vicious cycle of believing I had no time to myself,  but wasting the time I did have.  I was staying up late just to get time alone, and was often tired and grouchy.  Working with Leanne I learnt to work with my schedule and massively improved my sleep.  Both of which have helped create calm both at home and work. I have rediscovered what is important to me, and I have begun to take time for my hobbies going back to my childhood with rollerbooting”  – Jessica

“The sense of calm and happiness I feel after working with Leanne for just 2 sessions is incredible.  I’m so hopeful for how things will be when I finish my time with her, and as a pervious negativity nelly, that is not like me at all!” – Emily

Successfully managing my anxiety
The welly analogy

What do Wellies have to do with it?

Imagine a pair of bright, shiny, colourful, glorious Wellies. Brand new, fresh from the shop, not a speck on them

They’re amazing… so you pop them on, all excited and start using them, and as you do they get a bit of dust on, a bit of dirt and they start to lose their shine a bit. They start to lose their sparkle… but you keep using them and they start to get a bit of mud on. The more you use them the muddier and muddier they get until one day you realise you can’t even see the colour of the Wellies any more

So you take them outside and wash them down, clean them all up until you see your shiny, bright, colourful, glorious Wellies again.
I think we come into this world just like those Wellies. I think we come in as bright, shiny, colourful, glorious beings, and as we go through life we pick up some dirt and dust and we start to lose our shine and lose our sparkle… and we pick up some mud. Mud that sticks, and covers up our bright, shiny selves until we can’t even see what colour we are anymore.

The worst bit is that so many of us start to believe that we are that mud. We forget the bright, shiny, colourful Wellies underneath are there, some times, we even think they’re lost all together.

But they’re not lost, they’re still there… and we’re not the mud. We are the Wellies underneath. And we can wash that mud off. There are a million different ways to do that, so many practices out there to help you do it if you want to. Hypnotherapy is just one….

But for today I just want you to know, that you are definitely, absolutely not the mud…you are the Wellies underneath that mud.

You are the bright, colourful, shiny, glorious, pure, positive energy that exists underneath whatever mud you’ve picked up as you’ve journeyed through your life. That is who you truly are, and that is not lost.

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Testimonial - changed my life
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