Personal Training

Want to change how you feel about your reflection in the mirror?

Ready to build a body you’re confident in and a mindset to match?

Whether you’ve struggled with your body confidence all your life or it’s a new problem for you, it’s not just ‘the way you are’ and it’s not just something you have to accept as you get older.

What if instead of hiding behind baggy clothes and hating your photos, you decided to take positive action?

How free would you feel if you didn’t have to hide your bikini body under a baggy top on holiday?

Want to get ‘you’ back and grow in confidence?

You’re always doing things for other people… it’s time you did something for yourself.

You deserve that..right?

Inside the gym
  • My programs are a results-driven way for you improve your health and confidence, and regain ‘you’… without restrictions or guilt
  • Together we’ll get you exercising wherever you are comfortable.  Whether thats in my private studio – with no gym bunnies to make you feel intimidated or at home. You might even have fun!
  • We’ll look at every aspect of your lifestyle, help you make the changes you want, and give you the accountability you need to stay motivated and succeed.
  • You will stand taller, move better, and reduce your general life activity aches and pains.
Testimonial from Victoria


The Academy

A gym for your mind designed to help you ditch the diet mindset, avoid burnout and step into the life and health that you want.


Personalised sessions working directly with your subconscious to help you remove the beliefs that are not serving you so you can uncover your Neon Life!

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