The Only Thing That Lasted

If there is a diet or quick fix, I’ve tried it,  The only time my weight hasn’t shot back up is when I started with you.  I now know what to eat and enjoy all my faves without thinking I need to run miles to earn it.

The Whole Family Is Healthier

I didn’t have the knowledge to work my broken body with multiple disabilities back to fighting fit, but you did. You line them up and I’ll knock them down and as for the new course I’m already so impressed with the content, it’ll take my...

Healing From Inside Out

The Doctor phoned me today and my bloods are the best they have been in 18months.  Road to recovery, healing myself from the inside. She said whatever I am doing to keep it up!

Better Than Lean In 15

Since starting the programme last Friday i have lost 4lb already on the food side alone. the recipes are easy to follow and better than the lean in 15 books. first PT Session today was great and cant wait to see the results in the coming weeks. leanne is lovely and...

The Online Training is Brilliant

I did some online training with Leanne and it was brilliant. The exercise plans were challenging but really enjoyable and I could feel a difference in just a week. Leanne is very knowledgeable and lovely to work with I would highly recommend