After nearly 1 year + of extreme panic attacks, barely leaving the house & not even making it down the road without panic attack. I decided to listen to my friends advice after hearing some amazing reviews & booked with Leanne last October. At first I didn’t even think it would touch the surface, but how wrong was I. I noticed after the first session that was able to go a little bit further, now 12 sessions in and I get upset when I can’t go out 🤣 I finally feel like me again, I can walk further. This time last year I couldn’t even go into my local supermarket without the panic attacks starting fast forward to now and I’m now skipping down aisle with the trolley. that’s all thanks to Leanne and her amazing service. I remember how amazed I was about how this actually worked, I remember going for my exposure therapy walk after a first few of our sessions and I felt like an anxiety attack was coming on but my brain automatically switched to what Leanne said in our previous hypnosis session and I was able to switch out of it. It’s like magic, I truly believe that this woman is the magic to our brains ✨. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I remember crying with happy tears when I realised the anxiety was “on holiday” (hypno talk). I’m truly grateful for everything. 🤍